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(c) copyright ACT 2012-2013





(W.B.Act XXVI of 1961)

Registration No S/IL/32835/05-06


1.The name of the Association is:-ASSOCIATION OF CONCERNED TEACHERS.

2.The Registered office of the Association-

86B,  Manoharpukur Road.


3.The objectives for which the Association is established are:-

a) To promote a culture of peace and non-violence,

b) To develop a social psychology of co-operation and solidarity with the deprived and the exploited persons of the society,

c)  To promote an awareness that this earth is the common heritage not only for

the present generation but also for posterity,

d) To provide a forum to exchange ideas and experiences of its members arising

out of their concerns about:-

(i) The spread of violence in various forms and at all levels endangering civilized

conduct of life:

(ii) The ever-increasing greed to possess more and more to the deprivation of

others and to the detriment of the environment and ecology:-

(iii) The spread of a tendency of  intolerance and lack of respect for others and

their opinions and beliefs,

(iv) The increasing trend of religious bigotry, obscurantism and conceited self

righteousness, and

(v) The lack of concern of  many, who are positioned in power and plenty, for the

millions of unfortunate, deprived and exploited people, particularly children and women.

e) To promote and encourage advancement of literacy, healthy, scientific

temperament, public health and education:

f) To organise seminars, workshops, lectures, debates, essay competitions,

cultural shows and exhibitions and to associate members  with all kinds of social

movements against violence:

g) To publish books, journals, posters and such other materials which promote

the objectives of the Association (i.e. Association of Concerned Teachers in

short, ACT),

h) To  affiliate, manage take over, absorb or amalgamate with any other Society

or Association or institution whose objectives are similar to the objectives of the