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i) A meeting of the Executive Committee shall be held at least once in three

months at such place and time as the President or the General Secretary may

determine .

Seven days notice of the meeting specifying of the place, time and the general

nature of work and business to be transacted shall be given to every member of

the Executive Committee.

ii) Any five members of the Executive Committee may requisition a meeting of

the Executive Committee and the General Secretary shall summon the same

within seven days, falling which, the President or the requisition may do so

provided no business other than specified in the notice shall be trans acted at

such meeting .

iii) Emergency meeting may be called at 24 hours’ notice . Four members

personally present shall constitute a quorum for the meeting and if quorum is not

formed within 90 minutes of the scheduled time of the meeting, the members

present shall adjourn the meeting.

He/She shall:

a) Presided over all meetings of the Association:

b) Take all disciplinary action such as removal, dismissal, etc. In consultation with the Executive Committee.

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